Conscious Majority

A World that Works through Everyone


“It has taken humanity thousands of years to learn that it has the power to control its own destiny…we must realize that we are using a Power, compared to which the united intelligence of the human race is as nothing.”
~ Ernest Holmes


“A Conscious Majority can unite its intelligenceto express this Power in a world that works through everyone.”
~ The Association for Global New Thought


Something has been stirring in the collective unconscious of humanity, now finding its way to the surface of Oneness though conscious, awakened beings everywhere. On the leading edge of this awakening is the New Thought movement. The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) is working in alliance with spiritually grounded and socially motivated individuals and groups around the planet to celebrate and amplify the One Power in which we all exist. While some call it God and others use words like Universe, Presence, Self, Brahma, Atman, Allah, Source, Life, Infinite One, I AM, Being, the Whole, Divine Mind, the Beloved, Great Spirit, or Creator, this many-named Power is universally known and accessible to every human being.

The Conscious Majority is speaking with a new and unified voice about a world that works through everyone; not out of anger and violence, but in mindful reverence. We are evolving through the effective, compassionate and conscious engagement of human beings compelled by the sacred awareness of our unity with all life.

The Conscious Majority is calling in its unified power NOW. The ripple effect in the collective consciousness of humankind is palpable. There is a global tide rising up to awaken and activate the sacred sameness that transcends the illusion of our differences. We invite you to JOIN US and discover what is yours to do!



On October 24-27 of 2016, AGNT convened a a unique symposium of spiritually motivated activists hosted by The Unity Center in San Diego. “Engaged Spirituality: Tools to Empower the Conscious Majority,” featured 3 days of workshops sharing real-world models and training for spiritual communities yearning to step up to the next level. Ministers, staff, congregants, and friends immersed themselves in a mix of the ideas, issues and programs becoming more relevant to their lives the world with each passing day. Vibrant presentations by New Thought’s leading ministers and renowned spiritual activists punctuated the gathering along with AGNT’s signature offering of inspiring performances and a nurturing sense of engagement in a larger mission.

On the final afternoon of the Symposium, all attendees worked together to draft a list of qualities, values, and characteristics for which New Thought Spirituality stands…

New Thought Engaged Spirituality Stands for…

— Connectedness: We seek to expand the definition of New Thought to included New Thinkers from all faiths and orientations at the local, national, and global level. Our communities build means to tangibly engage social, religious and cultural diversity.

— Being the Change We Wish To See

We empower ourselves to activate our vision and model wholeness for others. We stand for Living Embodiment of the values and principles we embrace.

— Creating a “brand” for New Thought that calls violence by its name in every situation and stands for nonviolence in every context. We demonstrate the good and positive in the face of negative language and narratives, supporting the development of conscious news sources and forums for dialogue.

— Staying focused on what we are “for” regardless of the cost, and moving forward regardless of past mistakes.

— Building a Conscious Majority with clear positions on social justice to inform the national and international discourse, and support transformative shifts.

— Knowing that we are expressions of a living system that operates through every part and on every level of the universe in Divine order.

— Living into our convictions 24/7 and no longer staying silent in the face of injustice. Modeling this way of living through Gandhi 3.0 networks.

— Engaging youth, teens and millennials in a lifestyle and worldview that promotes: Stewardship of the earth, authentic inclusiveness, truth-telling with loving-kindness, trustworthiness, and a passion for human rights, that places moral law above negative social patterns.

— Developing curricula to support implementation at all levels of education.

— Stepping out of our comfort zone and leading by example. Becoming a unified New Thought Family of Spiritual First Responders.

— Becoming a local, national and international Beloved Community that embodies love, stands up, speaks out, and puts “feet on the street.” Urban ministries can improve lives and defeat fear mongering based on scarcity and domination.

— Putting the issue of race on the “front burner.” We can convene meaningful conversations on social equity, and identify ourselves as a “prophetic community” that dares to ask the difficult questions.

— The word: Quintessence: “Quest to unify in New Thought Engaged Spirituality stewarding the evolution of a nonviolent caring earth.”

— From Clyde Terry: There should not be crime within a mile of any of our churches. There should be a place for victims of domestic violence. I am not waiting for leadership to show up, but will BECOME the body of New Thought. When I hear myself complaining, let me stop, go out and find the resources to solve the problem. I will BE the direction. BE the toolbox. BE the solution. BE that energy on all days – not just Sundays and Wednesdays.


Individuals and families form communities and society. Every human being has something to contribute along with needs and rights to be nurtured and supported. All sentient beings deserve our compassion. The earth is part of a Living Universe and, together, we comprise a whole system that begins and ends in transcendence.

Physical: Food, clean air and water, shelter, warmth
Safety: Security, employment, resources, health
Belonging: Love, family, acceptance, intimacy, community
Identity: Freedom, self-esteem, achievement, respect of and for others
Actualization: Morality, creativity, inspiration, success
Transcendence: Spirituality, contemplation, inner wisdom, ultimacy, union


Poverty and hunger
Racism and religious/cultural intolerance
Economic fairness
Access to education
Democracy; voter and civil rights
The criminal justice system
Gender inequity and intolerance
Human trafficking
Animal cruelty
Climate change, sustainability
Violence in all forms

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