Anne Creter

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd  5:30 – 6:30 PM PT 


Grassroots “Spiritual-Political” Activism for a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding

Anne Creter

Comprehensive legislation in Congress to establish a cabinet-level Department of Peacebuilding (HR 1111) is highlighted, along with the enduring grassroots spiritually engaged lobbying campaign surrounding it led by devoted National Department of Peacebuilding Committee activists.  This unique campaign consciously attempts to function inwardly and outwardly on Nonviolent Communication and spiritual principles, knowing that creating a culture of peace is inherently spiritual AND political … AND starts from within!

A popular grassroots activity during the Season for Nonviolence is its AMPLIFY OUR VOICES project, where concerted outreach is made to Members of Congress (MOC) urging co-sponsorship of HR 1111.  Another long-standing endeavor “Piece Wants a Piece of the Federal Budget Pie” occurs around Mother’s Day, when activists bring pies to their MOC, along with a federal budget pie chart showing the sliver needed for a Department of Peacebuilding.  The campaign also seeks prominent individual and organizational endorsements and conducts educational events to enhance the global movement, knowing all great change happens from the bottom up.  It is part of a worldwide network profiled in the AGNT award-winning film “Admissions” with its online petition gathering “One Billion Signatures Supporting a UN Resolution to Create Departments of Peace in Governments Worldwide.”


  • Awareness of the growing global governmental “infrastructures for peace” movement
  • Inspiration, confidence and “know-how” to lobby one’s MOC for peace via HR 1111
  • Take a direct peace action (then) to sign the PeaceNow online petition to obtain “One Billion Signatures on a UN Resolution to Create Departments of Peace Worldwide.”


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