Dee Aker, Ph.D.

Peacebuilding: Finding integrity of heart, connecting peaceful souls

Workshop time: Tuesday, 2:00-3:15 pm
Room: 203
TOPICS: Transcending violence and building gender justice

Peacebuilding often begins by finding and touching the true heart of the individual so that its essential nature is able to connect with a whole community of souls. The spirit of peace is respect and recognition of others.  It is nurtured by reflection, exploration and communication.  It transforms local communities around the world, including ones once seeming lost in violence and intolerance.

Our workshop will explore our peacemaking potential, peacemaking that starts in our hearts, our vision, our openness and, most of all, in our infinite inclusiveness.  In our interaction, we will use simple tools that reveal and reorient ourselves so we can touch and be touched in our peacebuilding.  We will use techniques that you can use with others.  We, also, will share some the stories where cultivation of an inner, accessible spiritual leader has brought peace to seemingly broken souls around the world.

Reflective self assessment and tools to help others with discovering their path to peace

About the presenter

Dee (Dianne) Aker, Ph.D., advisor in strategic peacebuilding at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (IPJ), University of San Diego, is a psychological anthropologist and conflict resolution professional working with international communities and individuals in transition. Currently she facilitates communications and negotiations for those in, or post, conflict, in Africa and South Asia.  Aker created IPJ’s Women PeaceMakers Program, the Nepal Peace Initiative and WorldLink ~ Connecting Youth to Global Affairs. She has extensive experience in international higher education (Vice-Chancellor, United States International University – Africa) and in media (TV and print), producing 240 TV interviews with women pioneers and survivors from around the world. Before helping to establish the IPJ, Aker had worked with Carl Rogers on special conflict transformation efforts in Europe and Central America.  Recent awards include 2015 Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award and 2014 induction as “Trailblazer” into the San Diego Women’s Hall of Fame.

Organizations: Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, Kroc School of Peace Studies

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