Donna Larue Johnson

Increasing Your Capacity to Serve

Workshop time: Wednesday, 2:00-3:15 pm
Room: Balcony
TOPICS: Compassion, activism, service, engaging the heart, personal empowerment

During my tenure at Unity of Fairfax, I discovered my passion for compassionate social action. Whether it was traveling to Honduras assisting families in building bunk beds for children, or going to Peru to deliver much needed medicines, mattresses, and musical instruments to orphanages, my observation was consistent: When we increase our capacity to serve from the heart, we increase our capacity to be served by the heart.

This workshop will explore different styles of personal engagement in compassionate social action and how to use those styles to organize others and inspire them to action. Engaging in social action is not a one size fits all proposition. In fact, the more diverse we are in sharing our gifts, the richer the experience and impact for all. What binds a group together and empowers the work is the common motivator of impersonal love.

Each participant will have the opportunity to discover his/her natural inclination and talents, and how to unleash them to make a positive difference in the world. The workshop will include an online personal assessment tool, breakout discussions with topical questions, a power point presentation showcasing various social action initiatives, and a time for whole group Q&A.
1. Discovery of personal style for serving
2. Spiritual tools for developing a deeper capacity for service.
3. Tips for organizing others
4. Awareness of Unity Connect website as a resource for connection and collaboration.


About the presenter

Rev. Donna LaRue Johnson is President and CEO for Unity Worldwide Ministries. Prior to assuming this position in 2012, she served 14 years as the senior minister at Unity of Fairfax near Washington D.C. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in psychology and worked as a mental health counselor for many years before taking up journalism in her mid-30s. She has been an ordained Unity minister for 20 years. She lives in Kansas City, MO.


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