Kalli Sorensen

ECONOMIC VITALITY AS A CONSCIOUS CONSUMER: Every Transaction is an Action Toward Change

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Workshop time: Wednesday, 2:00-3:15 pm
Room: 201
TOPICS: Environment and ecology — practical steps. Conscious consumerism & Collaborative Consumption

Every time we buy something we’re voting with our dollars. By making more socially conscious purchases we’ll create higher demand for better products at lower prices. Thereby lessening our negative footprint on the environment and supporting better working conditions for people around the world. But purchasing responsibly is not always so straight forward.


Develop your ecological sensibility

Learn how to buy less but buy better

Adopt sustainable lifestyle practices

Build new collaborative communities

Foster greater livability and economic vitality

Cultivate a new cultural norm in your community

Align your purchasing choices with your values

Move beyond wasteful consumption and dump disposable habits by understanding obsolescence

Support socially responsible spending and investing

About the presenter

Change agent and sacred activist, Kalli Holmes Sorensen is committed to being a creative catalyst for change, in the face of growing climate and social challenges. As a mother, mentor and model for others, her work is an integral part of the global movement focused on bringing forth a new story by taking a stand for a sustainable, just and fulfilling future. She is an inspirational speaker, international retreat facilitator, and has both founded and organized women’s groups, including Seaside Center for Spiritual Living’s Seaside Sisters, for over thirty years. She has over 25 years experience as a professional shopper, knowledge and insights she now brings to guide others toward a more conscious consumer lifestyle.

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