Mendhi Audlin

Leading Change with Mission-Driven Small Groups

Workshop time: Wednesday, 2:00 – 3:15 pm
Room: 204
TOPICS: Belonging, Actualization, Transcendence Build Your Community from the Ground Up!

Engage your congregation deeply in their own spiritual transformation while encouraging your members to connect more deeply with each other.  This presentation provides a 5-point process for building engaged communities from the moment a newcomer enters your doors.

In this practical and interactive program, you’ll discover:
• The five “spiritual disciplines” that challenge your congregation to step outside their spiritual comfort zone, and stretch into a new vision of what a spiritual community can be.
• How to engage every member of your community in purposely moving forward in their own spiritual development.
• How to equip new leaders, quickly integrate newcomers, and increase a sense of connection, support and community within your spiritual community.
• How to extend the reach of your organization in a way that facilitates spiritual growth and enriches your local community.
• Creative ideas for moving beyond an “attendance plateau” by planning, launching and developing small groups within your organization.
• How to create a culture of “spiritual contributors” who are spiritually nourished through their service to your mission. Participants will explore the 5 spiritual disciplines which are essential to small group (and individual) spiritual growth. Participants will learn our “S.T.E.P.” model for increasing mission-driven engagement and supporting newcomers as they grow into leaders.

Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding (including case studies and personal stories) of how integral small groups are to the development of a spiritual movement.

About the presenter

Mendhi Audlin’s mission is to “inspire Infinite connections.”  Her programs through The Infinite Connections Academy provide small group leadership training, spiritually-focused small group curriculum, and small group management support services to New Thought organizations. The author of “What If It All Goes RIGHT?” and “Let It Begin with Me: 21 Voices of the New Peace Movement,” Mendhi has spoken to audiences around the world about spiritual leadership, sacred service and self-improvement. Her SpiritGroups program has been implemented over 20 New Thought communities in the US and Canada. Mendhi also serves as an advisor to the Association for Global New Thought.

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