Patrick Hiller

The Global Peace System – The Emerging Reality of a New Story of Peace

Workshop time: Wednesday, 2:00-3:15 pm
Room: Sanctuary
TOPICS: War and Peace, Social Justice
We are living in a time when wars and military options are the prevalent and commonly accepted forms of dealing with social conflict worldwide. The war story – as real as it is – is the old story. The Global Peace System is the active creation of a new story. Great changes have taken place over the last 100 years in terms of global collaboration, constructive conflict transformation and social change.
The concept challenges the belief that the world is more violent than it ever has been. While recognizing a dominating war system, which is embedded in many societies with social, political, economic, psychological, religious and cultural functions, the realistic trends are considered an active creation of a new global paradigm. With this workshop, I hope to actively contribute to the creation of a new global paradigm constructed through the Global Peace System.
In the work for peace with justice no religion, no movement, no organization can act in isolation of its social context and in isolation of others movements should it be successful. The Global Peace System offers a mental and practical framework to connect the disconnected. By embracing the reality of a Global Peace System we are not sending a signal for complacency, but a call to action to participate in the creation of the new paradigm of a world without war, allowing us to shift our attention and energy to create nonviolent cultures of peace.

Recognition of the existence of a Global Peace System
Confidence to talk about the presence of a Global Peace System
Ability to use a self-facilitated Global Peace System Study Guide (free)
Encouragement to act based upon the recognition of global peace trends

About the presenter

Patrick Hiller, Ph.D. is a Peace Scientist. He is the Executive Director of the War Prevention Initiative and Program Officer (Peacemaking) for the Jubitz Family Foundation. He teaches in the Conflict Resolution Program at Portland State University. Patrick serves on the Executive Committee of the Governing Council of the International Peace Research Association, the Board of Directors of the International Peace Research Association Foundation, the Oregon Peace Institute, and on the Coordinating Committee of World Beyond War. He is an advisor to PeaceVoice, and member of the Peace and Justice Studies Association and the Peace and Security Funders Group.

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