Peggy Price

Creating a Community of Compassion

Workshop time: Tuesday, 2:00 – 3:15 pm
Room: 206
TOPICS: Community building, compassionate action, care of the environment, addressing homelessness.

“In a Compassionate Community, the needs of all the inhabitants of that community are recognized and met, the well-being of the entire community is a priority, and all people and living things are treated with respect.  More simply, in a Compassionate Community, people are motivated by compassion to take responsibility for and care for each other.  A community where compassion is fully alive is a thriving, resilient community whose members are moved by empathy to take compassionate action, are able to confront crises with innovative solutions, are confident in navigating changes in the economy and the environment, and are resilient enough to bounce back readily from natural and man-made disasters.” (From the Charter for Compassion website)

Creating the consciousness of a compassionate community begins with shining a light on the good that already exists, identifying areas that need addressing and encouraging more compassionate action on the part of the individuals who live there. The compassionate community is one that is uncomfortable with the status quo and engages greater involvement between leaders and citizens. This workshop provides some practical steps to begin a Compassionate community project in your neighborhood or city.

Beginning with a Keynote presentation, Peggy will outline the background for the Compassion movement, and show the basic steps to beginning the process. Based on her own experience she will address the challenges and successes of the development of a Compassionate Community project.

About the presenter

Since 1996 Rev. Dr. Peggy Price has served two pulpits as Senior minister of Huntington Beach Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) and Seal Beach CSL, where she is currently Minister Emeritus. She is founder and past President of the Greater HB Interfaith Council, serves as an Ambassador Adviser for Parliament of the World Religions, and on the Advisory Council for AGNT, among others. In 2013 she and former HB Mayor Connie Boardman in accordance with HB City Council, successfully founded the first City of Compassion in Orange County, CA and is the most recent recipient of the Goldenwest College Peace Award. She represents the Global Heart Vision in action.  

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