Rev. Dr. Carolynn Conley

International Space Station as a Model for World Cooperation

Workshop time: Tuesday, 3:45-5:00 pm
Room: 201
TOPICS: Space exploration, international; cooperation, problem-solving, cultural diversity

In this workshop we will learn the creation story of the International Space Station (ISS) and how it stands as an archetype affecting us culturally and individually today.  (Slide show.) Five volunteers representing the five major areas of the world participating in the ISS will be coached ahead – each will give a picture of the cultural approach of their region of the world.

We will review the major factors that contribute to the cooperation on the ISS (handout summarizing major points). Our metaphysical interpretation will lead us to experience new hope for peace and the faith that good is unfolding internationally. We will close with a group statement of peace and hold that awareness for Our World.


• Participants will have first-hand introduction to the International Space Station and a handout with web pages and social media to learn more.
• Participants will hear from fellow-attendees at the workshop what the cultural approaches may be from Japan, Canada, the United States, Europe/European Space Agency, and Russia.
• Share metaphysical responses and insights.
• Share awareness towards personal incorporation of ISS cooperation as a model for their  paths forward in their organizations.
• Pray for international cooperation – group prayer, each person contributing.

About the presenter

Rev. Dr. Carolynn Conley studied with the Emerson Institute and served 8 years as Spiritual Leader and Youth Educator for the Unity Church of Webster, Texas.  She has worked over forty years as an aerospace systems engineer in the NASA Johnson Space Center community in Houston, Texas.  She has facilitated research on the Shuttle, Shuttle-Mir and International Space Station vehicles and programs.

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