Steve and Abigail Albert

Spirituality thru Interfaith Understanding

Workshop time: Tuesday, 2:00-3:15 pm
Room: 204
TOPICS: Belonging; identity; transcendence; religious/cultural intolerance

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to expand your center’s attraction, as well as your own personal attraction to Spiritual-not-Religious people & to those of different faiths who are seeking answers to life’s questions.  Take ‘The Next Step’ towards peace in your world through the use of Interfaith tools and techniques which bring people of all faiths and ideologies together.  You will enlarge your perception of how wonderful New Thought is and how its Interfaith basis is perfectly poised to be the guide to creating new and deeper friendships throughout your community, city and perhaps the nation.  Learn how not to offend people of different faiths and increase your understanding of how you can create more in your life through knowing them. Come and Expand Your Spirituality through Interfaith and emerge with new ideas and simple techniques to increase your Universal Responsibility.


About the presenters

Rev. Dr. Stephen Albert, Unity; Past Minister of the Alpine Unity Church; Co-Minister of the All Faith Center; Co-Founder and past President of the Poway Interfaith Team; Comparative Religion Instructor, University of Phoenix; Designed the New Thought booth at PWR 2009 & 2015; Facilitator for AGNT’s Awakened World Conference in Rome 2012; Member AGNT Advisory Council; Creator of ‘New Thought Day’ (2013) & ‘Interfaith Awareness Week’ (2017); Speaker, Author of The Interfaith Manual,  Let Your Rooster Crow and 14 other books.

Rev. Dr. Abigail Albert, Religious Science; Past President of the Affiliated New Thought Network (NAIN), Co-Minister of the All Faith Center; Speaker at the Parliament of the World’s Religions – Australia 2009 and Salt Lake City, 2015;  Facilitator for AGNT’s Awakened World Conference in Rome 2012; Member AGNT Advisory Council; Co-Founder and now Executive Director of the Poway Interfaith Team; Speaker, Author of Empowered Women of Faith and Co-author of The Interfaith Workbook & Let Your Rooster Crow.

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