Susan McCuistion

Compassionate Diversity

Workshop time: Tuesday, 3:45-5:00 pm
Room: 206
TOPICS: Diversity, social justice, equality
We say we treat others as we would want to be treated. But what if they don’t want to be treated like we do? Compassionate diversity integrates concepts from intercultural competence, spirituality, science, and many other interrelated fields into powerful tools for change. At its most basic level, Compassionate Diversity is not just about others. It’s about ourselves, too. We have to be able to comprehend, connect, and have compassion for ourselves before we can begin to understand how to do it for others. Compassionate diversity is comprised of three different, interrelated concepts: Comprehension, Connection, and Compassion.

At the Comprehension level, we can sympathize with others, but that’s about it. We can understand what they are going through, but we tend to lack any deeper connection.

At the Connection level, we can begin to empathize. We understand, and we connect to experiences we have had. We begin to relate to the feelings of others, and as a result, enhance connection.

Compassion is moving Comprehension and Connection into action. How do we see from, value, and integrate the perspectives of others? How do we create a more compassionate environment? How do we develop more innovative and sustainable solutions in our communities?
• Cultural self-awareness
• Understanding how my beliefs and values create my perspective of the world
• Understanding perspectives of others
• Interpreting different behavior around common values
• Ways to turn my comprehension and compassion into action 


About the presenter

Susan McCuistion – As a perspective and connection adviser with 18 years’ experience in diversity and inclusion, Susan works with people who want to create connections, shift perspectives, and build bridges for greater success in life. She helps people understand how their beliefs and values influence their viewpoints; how their viewpoints shape their reality; and how to discover new outlooks to connect to, and work more effectively with, others. Susan designs and builds learning solutions for global organizations. She provides intercultural competency coaching to leaders, helping them improve effectiveness through a better understanding of their approach toward cultural commonalities and differences.WEBSITE:

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