Dr. Janet Smith Warfield


Dancing with Words, Dancing with Wisdom


Dr. Janet Smith Warfield

Brief conceptual introduction, followed by Interactive exercises that demonstrate what we humans do with words, how differently each of us uses words to structure our perceptions, how we constantly miscommunicate without knowing we miscommunicate, and how we can learn skills of deep listening, clear speaking, and asking the right questions to bring our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits into resonance, power with, and co-creativity.



Enhanced awareness of how our inner talk and outer talk shape our experiences and how we can consciously use words to co-create the kind of world in which we want to live.


DR. JANET SMITH WARFIELD serves wisdom-seekers who want understanding, clarity, and peaceful, powerful, prosperous, purposeful lives. Creative, right-brain transformational experiences and 22 years of left-brain law practice guide Janet in sculpting words, shifting her listeners beyond words, transforming turmoil into inner peace. Author of Amazon Best Seller, Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World, translated into four languages and globally distributed. Best New Age Non-Fiction Winner – 2008 Indie Next Generation. Winner of the 2008 Coalition of Visionary Resources Best Website Award, www.wordsculptures.com Continental Who’s Who’s 2015 Most Prominent Professional in the Field of Consciousness Education.


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