Micheline Green

MONDAY, OCTOBER 17TH 5:30 – 6:30 PM PT 

Mothers Rising Together  & Connection is at the Core

Micheline Green

Mothers Rising Together and the Connection is at the Core Program are both a local on-the-ground growing community, (6000 mile Road Trip this summer offering complimentary presentations to small communities throughout Canada) as well as an online growing global gathering of Mothers. It is offered as a system of support, teachings and transformation to begin to wake up and grow up Mothers, the creators of the future.

It is a conscious pause set each week for Mothers to gather, support one another, to put themselves first, to learn and practice to take care of their needs, to connect more deeply with their value system, to play, to laugh along their ongoing journey of conscious embodiment.

Mothers learn how to honor themselves, become more fully present, trust their inner wisdom as they practice new skills of focused attention, perception, composure, interdependence, safety and compassion for self. These are some of the critical skills for modeling to their children, so that the children can be more readily prepared for the complexities of our world and the conscious creation of the future we all desire!

We are raising ourselves and Rising Together!



An attendee will hear the message very clearly that healthy selfishness, receiving and going slow are three keys to becoming a more conscious mother. They will have a deeper understanding that their children are here to help raise them and that they have no real control over their children. They will learn how their S.H.I.T, (stress, habits, irritations and triggers) are guiding them to support them in developing their skills and how by addressing their S.H.I.T with compassion they can begin to unravel it and see the gift within.

I will offer one practice for busy Mothers to walk away with and practice right away. It will be small simple, and doable for less than 15 minutes per day..

MICHELINE GREEN, M.Ed, an Integral Master Coach™ and a Certified School Counselor is the creator and founder of Mothers Rising Together™. Micheline’s passion is to effect change in the current paradigm of raising and teaching children, so the children of today have the essential life skills and capacities to consciously create a brighter future and adapt to the increasing complexities of our world. Micheline’s extensive knowledge stems from 20 years of experience working with families and schools; fostering healthy, sustainable, brain smart collaborative relationships. Through her own life’s journey she has passionately pursued the question, “how do individuals and organizations create sustainable change”? She embodies all that she has learned about the transformational process and adeptly applies it to the parenting and teaching paradigm.


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