Rev. Daniel R. Landis

MONDAY, AUGUST 15TH 5:30 – 6:30 PM PT 

Holy Money

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Rev. Daniel R. Landis

The fundamental basis for the Holy Money workshop is the Master/Teacher Jesus teaching that “I AM come so that you can have a more abundant life”. Abundance includes money. This Truth is strengthened with the teachings of Charles Fillmore, Dr Joseph Murphy, and Eric Butterworth. The intention is to move the attendees toward a more abundant consciousness.

Most people have learned lack and limitation beliefs about money from an early age and these beliefs stay embedded in their subconscious mind. The first step is to identify these limiting and lack beliefs. Using a combination of NLP (Neuro-Linquistic Programming) and Tapping; the attendees will be surprised how quickly they begin to release these worn-out beliefs.

The second Holy Money step is to release the block of unforgiveness. Holy Money provides a practical and powerful tool for total and complete forgiveness. As one releases the guilt and shame around money; the emotional housecleaning is complete and one becomes a “new wineskin”.

The third Holy Money step is the installation of new abundant money beliefs. This process goes beyond the old denial and affirmations which many times backfire and does harm.

Holy Money can be done with an attendee participating in each step – this always makes it more powerful. At the completion of the Webinar, the attendees will be well on their way to a more Abundant Consciousness.



• Condensing Holy Money workshop into a 1-hr webinar; the attendees would take-away:

• A Release Process that combines NLP techniques with Tapping to release the old lack and limitation beliefs.

• The second take-away is a powerful forgiveness process to “clean-out” the subconscious mind of old guilt and shame.

• The third take-away is a new powerful way to insert the new Abundance Consciousness Beliefs.

REV. DANIEL LANDIS is the Spiritual Leader of Unity in the Pioneer Valley in Greenfield, MA. Dan had an extensive business career as Vice President for Simon & Schuster, CEO of Landis Investments LLC, and founder of On-Balance Life Coaching. Dan created the Holy Money workshop in 2013 combining New Thought Spiritual principles, State-of-the Art Coaching Practices, and practical investment tools. He has presented Holy Money workshop in numerous Unity Churches, conducted it as a 12-week global webinar, and continues to provide personal coaching. Dan is currently a 3rd year student at Unity Urban Ministerial School.


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