Roy Holman

MONDAY, OCTOBER 3RD 5:30 – 6:30 PM PT Holman bookcover



Roy Holman


As Gandhi famously said, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. Learn the art and heart of Presence, becoming a loving vibration that others can attune to. Learn emotional literacy, how to be a “free range human” by expanding your comfort zone or emotional intelligence, clearing the emotional wounding, backlog and energy blocks. Learn how to express both your pain and your deepest passion, and move from Woe to Wow! Understand how to clear pain and learn the art of suffering consciously, and how to heal vices and distractions. Through teachings, stories and interactive exercises, you will be offered tools, techniques, and strategies–including yoga, breath, meditation and other tips–for awakening and expressing your true self and unique gifts in our shifting world. We will offer formulas for growth and healing and a fast path to awakening: by simply being who you are, in your integrity, and trusting your intuition and heartfelt passion.



• First, an understanding of the value of healing our inner world.
• Second, clarity on emotional intelligence or literacy, to value of feeling and healing the emotional backlog and being the change.
• Third, how to “suffering consciously” and use pain as a motivator for healing and awakening, including an understanding of your own “escape valves” but also a formula for lovingly thanking and then shutting the door to these escape valves, vices and distractions and choosing life.
• Finally, I will offer some simply breath and meditation techniques to make this practice fun and effective.


ROY HOLMAN is author of two books: Healing Self, Healing Earth and Poems from the Passionate Heart. Roy has run Holman Health Connections in Everett, Washington since 2000. Roy is a 500 hour certified Yoga, Meditation, and Healing Instructor, a Oneness Blessing giver and trainer, and leads retreats to Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Hawaii, Bali, Sedona, and in his home state of Washington. Roy does a health and healing radio commentary every week on KSER 90.7 FM. Roy also lived several years abroad, mostly doing human rights work in Central America. Roy has a passion for assisting the healing of our Earth and evolution / shift of humanity. He teaches with humor and joy.


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